About Me


Over the years I have painted in a few styles, mostly leaning towards impressionist. I use the best quality paint and canvas's as I feel that you should take great pride in what you do. I have now adapted a style of oil and enamel painting that is on wood panel with wood etching and includes silver and gold paint. 

           Hand-painted Tilework


My tiles are all painted by me. The designs are worked out ahead of time, and after they dry for 24 hours they are set by being dried at 300 degrees. After drying they may be washed with a warm, wet cloth.

I simply want to create beautiful things that will last and will bring people pleasure.



            Seek what pleases you


Whatever you choose to put on your walls, you should love to look at it. A Piece of art is a statement about you. It should be something you treasure. 

Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

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